Home again

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Total mileage on the trip, 5443 miles. I got home after 11:00 last night. We woke up late, made breakfast and then I went back to bed and took a long nap. 🙂

I love riding, getting many states’ dirt on me, smelling the country, even tasting it as you see it. Most of all I enjoy meeting people along the way. Doing this all on a bike puts you out in it. If it rains or shines, you are involved with the weather and the country around you. You are effectively part of it. When you show up on people’s doorsteps and tables they can see from the bugs on your face what you are doing. In many ways doing that solo offers no physical or emotional protection and I like the feeling of putting interactions on the line.

Almost every two years I do a “walkabout” like this and ask questions about my general direction. Am I doing the right thing, are my priorities right? Each time I have done it reinforces the feeling that I have great friendships and that the Pacific Northwest is the place for me.  Maybe Montana too, at least in the summer.


LOL Blasting at the Pass

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Sitting still on I90 waiting for them to blow something up.

High tailin it…

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I’m on I90, Tokio Washington, gonna see my baby tonight.

I will miss you my sweet Montana

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You have such dreamy curves, all signs encouraged me to go fast, but sometimes I had to go slow to enjoy the view. I can still smell your musky mountain meadow and spruce perfume on my shirt. I’m a little verklempt, discuss among yourselves…

For Mr. Trouble and other map geeks: Road to the Sun, hwy 206, 35, 82, 93, 28!, 200, 135, 90.

Sun road

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Even the road to the road to the sin was nice. Had to stop for some cows and later a hirse in the middle of the road however.

There was lots of construction going up, but I didn’t mind at all. Coming down the west side smooth roads and more jaw dropping scenery beckoned.

If you find endless curves boring or if you yearn for Wyoming flatlands don’t come here.

Camping in the rain

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The first thought I had when opening my little tent was, “Where the hell is the fly?”. Oh well, I have what I have.

The ride to the park was stupendous highway 15 to 89 did not disappoint. 89 took 100 miles to skirt the edge of a nasty thunderstorm, and I figured that hotels near the park would be booked or expensive. So I camped at the Aspenwood Resort for 20$ which includes showers. They have cabins too but they were booked. After dinner with two guests who were a husband and wife, she is in the Foreign Service, and he is a Federal agent in protective Services, I made camp and hung out with three guys from Kalispell who were here crushing gravel for a nearby farmer. At the campground they were tuning their bows for elk season. I hung out while they shot from 20 and 30 yards occasionally asking a question and comparing notes on the weather in Montana and Washington.

After tucking into my tent flashes of lighting and deep rumblings of thunder bounced off the mountains. I quickly fell asleep as the rain began to sprinkle the tent. Morning found me dry and warm…. Glad I brought my down sleeping bag. It was nippy and with numb fingers I broke camp, made coffee and headed into the cold mountain air to find “The Road to the Sun”.

Shout it from the mountain tops

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Highway 15… I went slower than the speed limit because of all the rubber necking I was doing. This pic doesn’t do it justice.